Empresas Villar Concepción S.R.L, was founded in 1985 by Mr. Miguel Angel Villar, who started in the area as a producer, fruits and vegetables distributor in Sabaneta, a small sector placed in La Vega City, Dominican Republic, supplying companies that were already operating as exporters. In its start, Empresas Villar Concepcion S.R.L was placed in a small kiosko where they received, packed and distributed the products harvested and collected locally.


In 2003, Mr. Villar and his son Ing. Miguel Villar decided to join their knowledge, thus initiating international distribution, inserting themselves in the export business, having as a business philosophy the quality of their products and services, with the aim of satisfying its customers and consumers. By 2004, Empresas Villar Concepción S.R.L completed its first year of service, thus achieving a position in its first market niche and making its existence known.


Empresas Villar Concepción SRL managed to position itself in 2005, also receiving the same year the export merit by the Dominican Association of Exporters, as one of the most important companies in the Oriental Vegetable Export Industry, being considered by international clients as one of the exporters with better quality products, providing greater satisfaction and a differentiated service to their customers, thanks to their installed capacity, consistency, efficiency, variety and high production volumes.


Today, Empresas Villar has become a global corporation that has a human resources department of more than 500 employees, approximately 1,200 producers worldwide and with a volume greater than 700 containers transported annually, operating its own plants in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Miami and New York with the most modern and advanced infrastructures, and establishing relationships with its commercial partners in Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, Florida, New Jersey and Mexico. This company has as preeminence the value granted by the years it has in the industry, the direct distribution of the products to its customers, the marketing structures found in the different states of the United States, as well as the high performance training by of its human staff, to provide the deserved quality in each of its products and being an exemplary company with technological innovation and sustainable development.