Executive Brief

Empresas Villar Concepción is an exporter and distributor of fruits and vegetables founded in 1985 in Sabaneta, a small sector of the city of La Vega, Dominican Republic. Presenting since its inception, with its founder, Mr. Miguel Angel Villar, the objective of providing locally harvested and collected products with the highest quality. Taking support from their family and the vast knowledge that their members had acquired, and inserting themselves in the export sector, they managed to distribute their products and services efficiently to an international market, as well as to position the name of the company in its niche of market making known its existence as one of the most important exporters of the export industry of oriental and tropical vegetables. Counting on a human resources department of more than 500 collaborators and approximately 1,200 producers around the world and with a volume greater than 700 containers transported annually, the company has become a Global Corporate operating its own plants in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Miami and New York with the most modern and advanced infrastructures, and establishing relationships with its commercial partners in Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, Florida, New Jersey and Mexico. Empresas Villar is part of job alternatives to reduce the unemployment rate faced by various ethnic groups.


This company has as preeminence the value granted by the years it has in the industry, the direct distribution of the products to its customers, the marketing structures found in the different states of the United States, as well as the high performance training by of its human staff, to provide the deserved quality in each of its products and being an exemplary company with technological innovation and sustainable development.


This business plan will specify the progress made by the brand to date and will describe the monitoring of its projection for the next five years. Its main purpose is to ensure the strategic distribution of the objectives oriented to the various areas.


The target market segment is mostly limited by geographic data and the different cultures that currently buy the brand's products, this emphasizing that more than demographics, location variables and customs are factors that are due to the diversity of products that the portfolio presents and the final purchase method (not by those who buy the product in the first instance, but by those who give themselves the opportunity to consume it) a delimitation oriented to the second mentioned variable is considered NOT APPLICABLE to the situation. Therefore, the type of market segment applied is aimed at a segmentation by ethnicity based on the homogeneity of the various races.


The long-term objective described is to reaffirm the positioning of Empresas Villar as a global corporate, strengthening the supply power with its own presence in both Guatemala and Ecuador, as well as expanding the varieties of crops and export volumes. from the current ones, allowing this to magnify the offer of products established in the portfolio and consolidate the brand as a stronger one in the market. Exceeding current expectations with the improvement of quality systems and customer service to continue being a profitable, exemplary company admired by its customers and the industry, and increasing the presence of the brand in large supermarket chains with oriental products and tropical


These objectives, seeking to be achieved with the continuous and efficient monitoring of our board of directors, pillars of this company, Mr. Miguel Angel Villar (founder) and wife Mariana Concepción, together with their children, Miguel Alejandro Villar Concepción (President CEO) and Arianny Villar Concepción (Executive Vice President), who have more than twenty years of experience respectively in the industry and with an active role in the administration of the company, together with human management and technical-agricultural advice and the management departments in the various areas, specialized in the fields of administration, commerce, finance, marketing and internal control.